During my time student teaching, teachers had to assess student's reading levels again using the DRA2 assessment. The fourth grade team decided to create independent book report projects for students to complete during this time. This kept students who were not testing busy and quiet so that the teacher could assess other students. I used resources in my cooperating teacher's book report folder as well as resources on the internet to create 4 different projects that my students could choose from to complete their project. Since I did not know who would choose which project, I only printed one copy of each project and placed these in a sheet protector. On the first day, I explained each project to the students. I told them that each project consisted on completing a short rough draft in their reading journals. Once I explained each, I allowed each table group to go up to the front table to read the directions and choose a project.

Throughout the week, the student completed their project. They received feedback from me on their rough draft. I would encourage students to read the directions over if they were missing components of the project. I set construction paper out once students were ready to begin their final drafts. Students knew that they had the week to complete their project on their 'Just Right Book.' Many students had plenty of time during the week to complete their projects. Each project direction page with the rubric can be seen below. Some student examples are also included.

This type of project provides for individual differences for each student. It begins with the students choosing their own 'Just Right Book.' This is a book that is based on their own independent reading level. When students choose a book they are encouraged to use the 5 finger rule. If they the first page of the book and cannot read 5 of the words, then the book is too difficult and not 'Just Right.' Next in this assignment, students had the opportunity to choose from 4 different assignments. They could find an assignment that fit well with their book and their needs as a student. For example, some of my special education students wanted to complete the project and I tried to steer them to a project that was simpler in nature. Finally, these projects were creative. Students could choose colors and drawings that fit their book.

Book Report Option 1: Cereal Box Book Report
Crooked creams.jpg
A book report on "A Crooked Kind of Perfect"

cereal box book report.png

A book report on a new version of 'Rapunzel'

Book Option 2: Book Kitekitebrrubric.jpg

Book Report Option 3: Mobile

A book report on "The BFG"

Book Report Option 4: Picture Book
A book report on "The Lost Hero"


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