A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instill a love of learning.

~Brad Henry

The First Year of Teaching!
During my first year of teaching, I was blessed to have a teaching position in the fourth grade and a wonderful school in Hampton, Virginia. I have 28 wonderful students at Machen Elementary School. I really have had to focus on my classroom and time management in order to maximize my teaching time. Included in this section are new plans, projects, and pictures of my classroom to show how I used my experiences from my student teaching time and from my master's program.
Here is a link to current reading lesson plans. Science, math, and history will be added later.

photo 4-2.JPG
A view from my classroom. I had to be creative when setting up a classroom for 28 students.

photo 1-2.JPG
Learning Intentions were new to me and extremely important to each lesson.

photo 4.JPG
I completed a similar Despereaux project with my students. These are their projects from book 1.

photo 3-3.JPG
Organizing for reading groups for my students was a breeze with these baskets and folders.

photo 1.JPG
My word wall displayed important vocabulary.