Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody!--Kid President

My third year of teaching continued to teach me new things. For the first year, I was the inclusion teacher. Many of my students also were slow learners and had been through the Student Intervention Team process over the years, or even retained. By the end of the year, of my 21 students, 8 students were considered to be special education students. There were also students who struggled with their behavior in class. Many of my students were suspended during their fourth grade year, and I was determined to show them that the correct behaviors would bring them success in the classroom.

I continued teaching 5th grade and continued to teach science to the entire grade level. I had 4 science classes throughout the day. This year, I continued to learn my curriculum and best practices by implementing the FOSS system. I also incorporated Argument Driven Inquiry, which is part of a summer professional development that I completed. I felt like I had a better understanding of the 5th grade science curriculum and felt more confident as a teacher.

I taught reading and writing to my homeroom class. This was the first year that word study was incorporated at the 5th grade level, in Hampton.

Lesson Plans
Lesson planning continued to guide my instruction and was a way for me to understand and develop appropriate and engaging lessons.

Formative Assessments
Formative assessments continued to be a way for me to monitor progress and guide my reviews in class. Students could receive immediate feedback to be aware of how they were doing and learning. I used different tools throughout the year to conduct formative assessments. There were times when I used the old fashioned paper-pencil method. However, there were other times when I used quizizz and kahoots to not only assess but to engage students. I also used a google form to have students respond to questions in class. Finally, during science SOL review time, I used nearpod to engage students in lessons. We truly focused on making progress and showing growth during the lesson. I always gave students their pre-test pass rate as a class and their post-test pass rate on the quick check. It created a sense of team work in the class and competition between the classes. It also gave me information about what I needed to focus on during the lesson.

Ackerman Reading Google Form Exit Card.png
Google Form Reading Exit Card
Ackerman Science Ocean Kahoot.png
Science Kahoot- Students read "A Wish for a Fish" and had to answer these questions after the lesson.

Ackerman Reading Kahoot- Drawing Conclusions.png
Reading Kahoot- Students watched the video "One Man Band" and answered these cause and effect questions.

Professional Activities
Beyond the basic teacher roles, I continued pursuing professional activities. Over the summer, I was asked to write science power quizzes for the entire district. This allowed me to obtain a deeper understanding of my curriculum and think more deeply about the assessment at the end of the year and throughout the year. In addition, I continued to support my school by being the science instructional leader, participating on the leadership team, being a technology teacher leader, and being the iPad program leader. I continued to participate in after school events throughout the year and was an SOL tutor. During the school year, I helped write the SOL preparation resources for both the science department and reading department. These resources were shared with teachers across the district.