Reflect Actively Upon Practice, Leading to Enhanced Teaching and Learning
During my time student teaching, I constantly reflected on how I was teaching the content and how well the students were learning. After quizzes and classwork assignments, I would actively think about what needed to be reinforced. While I may not have formally assessed every single lesson, I would take notes, when needed, on what I should do or change the next day. For instance, I gave a math classwork assignment and found that many students did not do that well on the assignment. I looked over the questions that most students missed and promptly reviewed them the next day. Another example of how I was constantly reflecting occurred during my Civil War unit. I gave students a quiz on the first part of the unit. I graded the quiz shortly after it was given and found that many students missed the same few questions. The next day I began my lesson with a review of the quiz to fix any misconceptions that the students had. Actively looking at my practice through students' assignments led me to be a better teacher because I was focusing on how I had taught the material and constantly was looking at how students' were responding to the materials, instead of simply testing and moving on to new concepts.

Cooperate, Collaborate, and Foster Relationships with Families and Other Members of the School Community
One of the most important aspects of teaching is creating strong relationships. The bonds that I created with my students truly enhanced both of our learning experiences because they trusted me to teach them. Throughout my time as a student teacher, I tried to create bonds with parents and school personnel. In order to better collaborate and foster a relationship with parents, I sent home a newsletter to formally introduce myself to parents. In addition, I carried out my cooperating teacher's weekly reports. I used her same template and created weekly reports for parents discussing what has occurred and will occur in the next week. It also gave me a place to discuss how the student was doing in class.

In order to foster relationships with the school community, I participated in as many school events as I could. For instance, I attended and helped with Math and Science Night. At this school event, the fourth and fifth grade students completed science projects. They thought of a question that they wanted to test, carried out an experiment, and created a board to be placed in the cafeteria. The grade level teams created activities for students to complete in the classrooms around the school. The fourth grade team decided to have two activities. In one classroom, students worked with tangrams. In another room, students estimated how many items were in a jar. During this event, I had the opportunity to see other students that were in the school and I had the opportunity it talk with parents.
My student participating in Math and Science night and estiamting how many peppermints are in the jar.

My student adding her estimations on Math and Science night.

Reflections on Professional Expectations and Positive Influence on Others in the School Building
Throughout my student teaching experience I created some wonderful bonds with certain school personnel. I would always try to great the staff with a smile and a friendly 'hello.' I believe that showing the staff that I was s friendly face helped me feel like I was part of the school and not just a student teacher. I arrived to school on time throughout my student teaching experience. I would stay after as long as I needed to once the students were sent home. I attended staff meeting throughout my time and tried to attend as many school-wide functions as I could.

I participated in the WOW meetings as part of staff development throughout my time as a student teacher. Usually once a month, the principal would have a WOW meeting after school starting at 3:15. We would meet as a school in one of the unused classrooms and discuss important things that were going on in the school. During the first meeting, the most important topics were the upcoming lockdown drill and the new doorbell system. I learned how a lockdown drill should run and what I needed to do as a teacher. I also learned about the doorbell system. In order to keep our students safe during the school day, DJ Montague decided to put in a doorbell at the front door. Now, no one can enter the school without a swipe card. Visitors now have to ring the doorbell and explain why they are visiting the school or who they are here to see. This system allowed the school to keep all exterior doors locked at all times and keep everyone in the building safe. During each meeting that I went to, a grade level team presented information on a Kagan strategy. During the first meeting, the fourth grade team presented information on Think-Pair-Share. Since I had just started student teaching, I did not participate in the presentation. However, I did learn about the different ways to Think-Pair-Share. During the second meeting, we learned about the importance of mnemonics from the second grade team.

4th grade platter.JPG
My students made this platter during World Fitness day to be auctioned at the Country Fair.

One important school wide function that I attended was the Country Fair. While I could not stay for the entire fair, simply being there and having some of my students see me made a difference. Even though students saw me all day, they were still excited to see me outside of class. During this time, I also had the opportunity to interact with other staff members outside of school. I could have casual conversations with the staff which helped to create better bonds with the staff.
4th grade country fair 3.JPG
My student (on the left) stuck to the velcro wall at the Country Fair.